Epic Universe Theme Park at Universal Orlando Announced

Epic Universe Universal Orlando Teaser Announcement

Universal just announced the widely speculated third park for their Orlando resort, named Epic Universe. They did not go with the highly rumored name Universal's Fantastic Worlds and instead went with the name they use in literally every piece of marketing for the resort ever.

This park will be built on the new land that Universal has been buying up over the past few years, and it will likely be the biggest park they have in the US. Rumored lands include Nintendo, Dreamworks, and Universal Monsters, which should provide some permanent horror attractions similar to the Walking Dead maze in Universal Studios Hollywood.

No word was given yet on how the two parts of the resort, the existing resort including Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure, and the new Fantastic Worlds portion of the resort will be connected to each other.

This theme park will, according to rumors, follow a design style similar to the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. We will continue to update you as more information is given about the new park throughout the morning, with a full in-depth analysis of all the announcements coming later in the day.