Constance Mariage Portraits Disney Photo of the Week

Constance Hatchaway Wedding Photo Decapitated Husband Haunted Mansion Disneyland

Till death do us part.

For this Disney Photo of the Week, in honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion, we look at on of Constance Hatchaway's many wedding portraits featuring one of her husbands after his unfortunate demise.

Constance is the most recent incarnation of the bride character that has been a part of the Haunted Mansion since opening day. She reimagined the character as a murderous bride who killed her husbands (likely by decapitation) in order to inherit their wealth. She is present in both US versions of the mansion.

This is the first of a series of articles here at Theme Parks and Entertainment to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the attraction. As a part of this, the Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions series is taking a one-week hiatus. To check out the other articles celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion Go Here.