Weekly Disney Rumor Update 7/26/19

Disney California Adventure

Movie Preview: The Ride 2

More rumors are circulating on the possibility of an interchangeable dark ride coming to the Disney Parks. It will likely come to two parks at the same time, as is common with current Disney projects that are not overlays. The two locations would apparently be in the Animation Courtyard of Disney's Hollywood Studios replacing the Little Mermaid Show, as has already been rumored for a while, but also being added to Hollywoodland in Disney California Adventure. If I had to guess I'd say it'll replace either the building with the Black Panther meet and greet, or the Sunset Showcase theater.

This project would serve as a spiritual successor to the current movie previews, with the film studios likely paying for updates to the ride system to go along with upcoming movies, the same system they currently have for the previews. This way the ride would change out several times a year. For example, if it was open this year, we would have already likely had a Toy Story 4, Aladdin (live-action), and Lion King (live-action), ride and would still be getting a Frozen 2 overlay latter this year.


Double Mary

It appears things are solidifying for the Mary Poppins ride coming to the UK pavilion. Things have centered on a double decker carousel with a high level of theming. It will replace the park area or the current land, being placed about where the gazebo is today. This ride will add a much needed spinner to the park.