Weekly Disney Rumor Update 7/19/19

To start this weeks rumor, let us point out that D23 is coming up and we are now learning that the park's presentation will focus mainly on Marvel and Epcot, so just be aware anything else is less likely to be announced.


Mary Poppins

This is still going to happen, but likely just as a carousel, much smaller than the initially rumored plans. It is not intended to be a major addition, but more just to give people something to do in the UK Pavilion, which at the moment is a bit lacking in the entertainment sector. It has a series of great shops and restaurants, but just needs something that can attract families to venture further in the land.


Rumors of the future of the Imagination Pavilion, and what role Figment will play in it have circulated for years, but based on the descriptions of this year's D23 presentations, Disney appears to be hinting at some announcement for this area, with imagination, and themed areas based on one's imagination being specifically mentioned in several panel descriptions.

Disney California Adventure


Expect most announcements to focus in on the Spiderman ride, which is the next to open in both Hong Kong and the Disneyland Resort. We will also probably get some concept art for the Iron Man Coaster coming to Walt Disney Studios, as it will likely open before the rest of the land, similar to what happened with Mission Breakout.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Launch Bay Sticking Around

One of the big questions still unanswered about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is how it will affect Star Wars Launch Bay. We appear to have gotten our answer as Darth Vader will now meet there after the land opens, meaning it will become the home for the previous two trilogies after this land opens.