Radiator Springs Rejuvenator Disney Photo of the Week

Refreshingest Radiator Rejuvenator on Route 66 Cars Land Sign Disneyland

For this Disney Photo of the Week, we look at one of the many great details in the line for Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure in the Disneyland Resort.

This sign dives into the origin story for the town of Radiator Springs. The story was that the town was founded alongside a water spring along route 66 in the middle of the desert. It was used to cool down radiators to help people make the difficult journey, and eventually, the town grew around it. Parts of this backstory, including the spring itself are found throughout the queue for Radiator Springs Racers.

Cars Land was the first Disney attempt at an immersive land. It perfectly recreated every tiny detail of the town of Radiator Springs while also expanding on its backstory to show details that were only mentioned in passing in the Cars films. Later lands like Pandora and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge benefited from the work Disney put into making Cars Land as detailed as it is.

You can find this sign and many other hidden details on the history of the little town of Radiator Springs throughout Cars Land.

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