Jungle Cruise with Skipper Kelly at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

The Jungle Cruise lives or dies by its skipper. With a great skipper, it can be the highlight of a day at the Disney Parks. With a bad skipper, it is so dull it is a waste of precious park time.

Today I want to share one of the best skippers I've had at the Magic Kingdom in a long time. Skipper Kelly kept the ride fresh while still keeping the classic jokes in the set (Don't worry, you'll still see the backside of water).

The Jungle Cruise has kind of suffered over the past few years as Disney attempts to regulate the jokes told on the tour, so it is always good to see someone who still changes it up from the standard script. She even kept the jokes coming as we were stuck at Trader Sam for almost two minutes due to a slow moving boat.

This ride is an Adventureland classic and an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom. It features a trip through the jungles of the world on the world famous Jungle Cruise, featuring knowledgeable skippers always ready to crack a joke. Its one of the last Disney World rides still using live cast members as an active part of the ride experience, making it a special ride for guests of all ages to enjoy.