Fixer Upper Frozen Live at the Hyperion

Disney California Adventure

Frozen Live at the Hyperion has been putting on great, Broadway-caliber shows every day since it opened. It features all of the popular songs from the film (except Frozen Heart which was cut from the show after a few months).

This show features some great puppets for Sven and Olaf and the great Troll costumes shown in the Fixer Upper musical number.

This finds a way to feature the trolls, who are much smaller than the human actors they are portrayed by, without using any makeup or puppets, instead, they either feature multiple trolls or a troll sitting on a rock.

It is a simple effect but it works well. This song also gives several ensemble members a chance to shine through solos in a show that is mostly dominated by very few characters.

This show still performs several times a day and no reservations are required. It is a great way to avoid the crowds and escape the heat for an hour.

What do you think of Frozen Live at the Hyperion? What's your favorite part of the show? Let us know in the comments!