Dumbo the Flying Elephant Disneyland

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Sign Disneyland

There are very few rides found in every Disney castle style park. It really comes down to just a carousel and Dumbo the Flying Elephants, and it all started here.

Now this is not the same ride from over 60 years ago. It has both changed locations and been swapped out for a bigger version, but its still the same classic experience.

This ride is found in every Fantasyland worldwide, except in Shanghai Disneyland where it is found in the Gardens of Imagination.

It features a series of Dumbos with different color outfits for you to ride while controling the height of the flying elephant. Going up you can great view of Fantasyland from above.

This ride is one of the icons of the Disney Parks and pretty much any visit should include at least one ride on this classic.