Weekly Disney Rumor Update 6/7/19

We had another relatively slow week, with us mostly just hearing more on likely D23 announcments for new offerings at the US Disney Parks.

Walt Disney World


This week at Epcot all the rumors were about World Showcase.

Brazil Addition

Brazil has been rumored for a long time now, with two versions apperently being developed based on two different budgets. It appears they may be going with the low budget attractionless version. Reguardless this will be a welcome addition to the World Showcase, adding representation for a new continent.

UK Ride

Rumors have also circulated on a ride being added to the UK. This rumor has been in flux, with IPs from Alice in Wonderland, to Brave being considered for everything from a flat ride to a low budget dark ride. Now things may have solidified to a flat ride themed on Mary Poppins, although its unclear if this would be based on the sequel or the original film. Then again other sources say this was canceled so it is still unclear what will end up happening.