Lee DeWyze Visits the American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Full disclosure, this is a video one of our staff here at Theme Parks and Entertainment took before joining the company and they were gracious enough to give it to us here.

Lee DeWyze was one of the winners of the original run of American Idol. He won the ninth season of the original series, and he also had a tendency to show up at the American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios. There are several recorded instances of him doing this, and I would not be surprised to see he did it other times as well.

This time he visited the final show of the day, wishing the contestants luck as they competed for a golden ticket to audition for the judges on the actual show.

This was a great surprise, seeing an actual celebrity on stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and sort of brought the original working studio feeling back into a park that was rapidly transitioning away from it.

Have you ever had any celebrity sightings in the Disney Parks? Ever see one in a show? Let us know in the comments.