Disneyland Forever Alternative Show


Disneyland has a problem most other Disney Parks don't have to deal with. They are immediately surrounded by a city. That means that with even slight winds they are unable to do fireworks shows. This isn't Epcot, where IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth which has been performed in a Tornado Warning. Even slight winds can cancel the show. It led to the development of World of Color, purposely designed without major pyrotechnics. But Disneyland itself still does classic fireworks shows when they can.

But what about when wind high above the magic kingdom prevents the show from taking place? Well for Disneyland Forever they had a solution.

Whenever the show is unable to be performed, the finale of the show is done without fireworks. This means you get to watch the projections on Main Street USA and Sleeping Beauty Castle without the fireworks that normally accompany them.

Here is a look at what that looks like should it happen to you. It is by no means as good as the actual show, but it is at least something. A consolation prize if you will. Something to distract you from what you lost.

Have you ever lost out on the fireworks due to the wind? Let us know in the comments.