Weekly Disney Rumor Update 5/17/19

Storybook Land Topiary Disneyland

New Park?

Last year Bob Iger confirmed Disney was looking at the possibility of more international Disney Parks with no specification as to which countries were being discussed. We now have some idea, as when Bob Iger was discussing Disney+ coming to India he also mentioned how the people there would like a Disney Park, before saying he had nothing more to add at that time. Nothing concrete yet but something to look for in the near future, especially with D23 so close.

Walt Disney World

Gaston's Tavern Disney World Fantasyland Sign

Magic Kingdom

Beast Castle Magic Kingdom Disney World

Christmas Fireworks

This year will see a new Halloween fireworks show that has already been announced, but current rumors point at a new Christmas show as well. This show will also utilize projection technology similar to Happily Ever After and will be exclusive to the parties.


Epcot Awesome Planet Poster

Next year will be a big year for Epcot, and rumors are starting to circulate as to tentative dates for openings of already announced projects.

(Film) Festival of the Arts

It appears we may see a new theme for this festival to see it tied to several new attractions. According to WDWNT, this winter festival will be used to promote the opening of new films Awesome Planet, the reworked Reflections of China, the Beauty and the Beast sing along, and the reworked O Canada. This is pure speculation but if they continue along with this theme I wouldn't be surprised to see something new in the Magic Eye theater in the Imagination Pavilion as it would be the only major theater in the park without something new in it.

Disneyland Resort

It's a Small World Facade at Night Disneyland


Tomorrowland Entrance Pillars Disneyland

New New Tomorrowland

Speculation is beginning for what the next major project for Disneyland will be and most signs point to Tomorrowland. This project appears to still be in the blue sky phase, but this project will likely involve major demolitions. In fact, the only safe attraction is likely Space Mountain. Current speculation points to Tron replacing the subs, although as a custom ride and not a copy of the Shanghai and Magic Kingdom versions, possibly traveling throughout the land like the old Peoplemover/Rocket Rods. Autopia is also likely being replaced by a Fantasyland expansion. Other blue sky rumors point at the ride systems for Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear being reused for future attractions and the demolition of the old carousel theater.

Fantasyland Expansion

This is even further in the future than the Tomorrowland redo but rumors place two areas being used for new attractions, the Fantasyland Theater, and the Motor Boat Cruise/ Autopia area. Currently, Frozen and Beauty and the Beast rides would be placed in these two locations but this is still very far out so anything is subject to change before the plans become official.