Weekly Disney Rumor Update 5/10/19

Conservation Station Disney's Animal Kingdom Ground Mural

Disney World

Dumbo Magic Kingdom

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rock N Roller Coaster Disney's Hollywood Studios

Changes are happening in the park, and despite Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge about to open it does not appear these changes will close down any time soon.

Movie Preview: The Ride

It appears a new ride might be in the development process, designed specifically to be changed out to feature new films. Rumors from multiple sources place this as taking over the Little Mermaid building in the Animation Courtyard. It would be an entirely screen-based ride using trackless technology similar to in rides like Mystic Manor. This would be a major update compared to the glorified trailers currently in use to promote new movies.

Animation Courtyard Changes

It appears nothing, except maybe the Disney Jr show, is safe in this land, with it possibly even seeing major demolitions and being connected with the Rock N Roller Coaster area of the park.

Powerline Roller Coaster

This rumor came a bit out of left field this week but let's talk about it. The rumor comes off weeks of discussion that apparently Aerosmith's contract for Rock N Roller Coaster is coming up within the next few months or years and Disney is beginning to design a replacement. It is also partly supported by a portion of a New York Times article that stated the ride would be rethemed and was removed after a request from Disney. Early rumors said this would be a Cars retheme to go along with the newly opened Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy next door. But this week those rumors died down and an old concept came back up, the ride being rethemed to the band Powerline from A Goofy Movie.

This rumor first came up three years ago back in 2016, and it even came with reports that there were guests testing the ride with I 2 I, arguably the most famous song from the film. It was largely dismissed as false, but now it might be worth looking back on these reports. This would also likely involve the ride's entrance moving to the Animation Courtyard. Now it is still early and anything can happen, but given D23 is only a few months away any rumors take on a sense of urgency. We will keep you updated when and if news comes out on this.


Play Pavilion Epcot

Play Pavillion

New information may have been leaked about the Play Pavillion, confirming several longstanding rumors, including some kind of Zootopia attraction/ play area as well as relocating current Imagination and Character Spot meet and greets. The only bit of new info really was it may involve a return of the Animation Academy that used to occupy a room in the Animation building of Disney's Hollywood Studios.


Rumors persist that this Future World pavilion will receive a major overhaul at some point during the current reinvention of Epcot. It will apparently be one of the later changes to happen and may involve Figment or an IP, as well as involve either using the existing building or demolishing it.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Forever Cancelation Show

Disney California Adventure

Tale of the Lion King Concept Art

Lion King Show

A new stage show is coming to Disney California Adventure for the summer starting on June 7th, themed to The Lion King.