Star Wars Day Disney Photo of the Week

Original Star Tours Disney's MGM Studios

Happy Star Wars Day! For this special Disney Photo of the Week, we look back at the original Star Wars ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios (or MGM if we go way back), Star Tours!

This ride featured your trip to the Endor moon with first-time pilot Captain Rex. As you can probably expect things went wrong and you end up joining the fight against the Death Star.

This ride on the outside attempted to highlight the studio soundstage aspect that the park was going for in its early years, with movie-style posters on the side of the obvious show building.

Things have now changed, with Star Wars about to get its own full land at both Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios, but it is good to look back on where Star Wars in the Disney Parks began. Also, if you miss this ride, Captain Rex is returning to both parks as a DJ in the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Once again, Happy Star Wars Day everyone and May the Fourth be With You!