Beetlejuice Digital Lottery

Beetlejuice Marquee Broadway

Beetlejuice is a new musical based on the classic Tim Burton film of the same name. It received several Tony nominations and has now been open over a month on Broadway.

They offer many ways to get low-cost tickets to see the show. Today we will discuss the digital lottery to see the show.

Beetlejuice Stage Door Broadway

As with all lotteries, this is by no means guaranteed and it should not be your primary method to see a show. If it is you should enter many lotteries and you still may not get any of them. If you have flexible dates or you can make it into the city with little advanced notice this might be the option for you.

If you win the lottery you will get the chance to purchase up to 2 tickets to that day's show for $43 each.

The lottery opens at midnight and you are notified if you won at 9am for matinees or 2pm for night shows.

You have to use some form of social media to enter the lottery. After winning you will be given further instructions on purchasing tickets.

To enter go Here.