Weekly Disney Rumor Update 4/26/19

Rivers of Light We Are One

This week we got a surprise Earth Day announcement and more hints at future Epcot additions not yet announced.

Disney World

Christmas Man Street USA Train Station Disney World


Three Caballeros Epcot


Rumors of new World Showcase pavilions are pretty much the only constant Epcot rumor you can count on besides maybe Figment being replaced. Brazil plans seem to have further solidified with some reports saying construction might begin before the end of the year. It would apparently be a relatively low budget pavilion, but it will also be the first new country since Norway.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Snow White Dopey Topiary Disney's Hollywood Studios

Runaway Railway Delayed

This came out just after last weeks update and you can check out more info here but for a short update, the ride will now open in Spring 2020 instead of Fall 2019.

Animal Kingdom

Finding Nemo the Musical Big Blue World

Rivers of Light We Are One

This week we learned of a surprise replacement for Rivers of Light, Rivers of Light We Are One. It will feature the original score combined with Disney music.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland USA Sign


Disneyland Toontown Downtown

Runaway Railway Announced

We now know Toontown is here to stay indefinitely as the Mickey ride going into Disney's Hollywood Studios will also be added into the land replacing only the Gag Factory.

Disneyland Forever Returns

The 60th-anniversary fireworks return to Disneyland starting June 7th replacing Mickey's Mix Magic. No Word on why this choice was made or how long it will stay for.

General Info

In the past couple of weeks, we have gotten unprecedented levels of announcements from Disney Parks. This is especially shocking considering D23, normally the main source for Disney Parks announcements is coming up in August. Several of these were also expected to be D23 announcements. So what has caused all these?

Well for one Disney is trying to drown out all of the news about Island of Adventure's Hagrid coaster news. They don't have a new ride to publicize that will be open for this summer in Orlando, so whenever Universal announces something related to this ride, Disney follows it up with a Disney announcement like the Epcot entrance.

Also, the Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway announcement was likely moved up to distract from the delay of the Disney World version of the ride.

This also means they still have other announcements left to make, meaning it should be an exciting D23.

What do you want to be announced at D23? What are you expecting Disney to announce? Let us know in the comments!