Transformers: The Ride Universal Studios Hollywood

Transformers: The Ride
Universal Studios Hollywood

Transformers is one of the largest movie franchises out today, recently branching out to spin off films like Bumblebee. It has also cemented its place as a main attraction at three out of four Universal resorts in the world.

The ride uses the technology developed for The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman to create a ride where you are helping a redesigned Evac escape a facility being attacked by the Decepticons with the Allspark. This ride is found on the Lower Lot 

He transforms himself into your ride vehicle where you are quickly sent on a journey to maintain control of the Allspark while trying to avoid evil robots. Eventually, you have to join the battle to save Optimus Prime from Megatron.

This ride is easily compared to The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, and that hurts it. Transformers is a great ride and features practical effects more than some other Universal rides, but Spiderman is still one of the best rides of all time at any park and this just does not live up to the original use of this ride technology. Unfortunately, Spiderman can never come to Universal Studios Hollywood due to rights issues. 

Transformers is a great way to get this ride style in the park and it uses its characters well, telling a new story with these classic characters and allowing you to be a part of the story.

It will be interesting to see what Transformers rides are built in Universal Bejing where there is rumored to be a full Transformers land and if any of them will come to this park.