Grizzly Peak Disney Photo of the Week

Grizzly Peak Disney California Adventure

For this Disney Photo of the Week we look back at the previous icon of Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort.

Disney California Adventure has changed a lot over the years. Barely anything remains from opening day. Even the icon of the park has changed. But the old icon still remains a prominent part of the park.

Today the Pixar Pal Around (old Mickey's Fun Wheel) is used as the icon in most advertising for the park. But originally Grizzly Peak was used as the icon of the park.

It makes sense. It is at the center of the park. You could originally see it from the majority of the parks although now it has been partially obscured by trees and it is very recognizable. But along with the rest of the parks transition this lost its prominent status as the icon of Disneyland Resort's second park.

It remains as part of one of the last unchanged opening day rides in a park where they continually are losing them.