Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella Epcot

Every Disney Park needs its classic American comfort food restaurant. At the Magic Kingdom, it's Casey's. At Animal Kingdom it's Resturantasourous. At Epcot, it is the Electric Umbrella.

At a park with so many wonderful restaurants featuring food from all over the world, this place sticks out like a sore thumb.

Electric Umbrella Sign Epcot

Don't get me wrong, it serves the same quality comfort food from the rest of Disney World, but compared to pretty much every other restaurant throughout the park this place just doesn't even compare.

This counter service location is not without its Disney magic, however. It currently features the last talking trash can at Disney World. The trash can features little people who will speak out when you open the trash can. For more on this effect visit here.

This restaurant is best if visiting Epcot with a picky appetite or with children who would not appreciate the restaurants of the World Showcase.