Earful Tower Disney Photo of the Week

Earful Tower Disney World

As Disney's Hollywood Studios gets ready to start celebrating its 30th Anniversary let us look back at one of the many different icons the park had throughout the years, the Earful Tower.

A part of the parks former Studio Tour, this was a water tower with Mickey ears bearing the logo of the park. It had been there since opening day and served as the icon of the park whenever it wasn't the Sorcerer's Hat, the Chinese Theatre, or Tower of Terror.

Unfortunately, it did not survive till the parks 30th year and was torn down as part of the parks current transformation. Its former location was used as part of the Toy Story Land expansion giving the park 2 new much-needed rides.

If you miss the Earful Tower a replica can still be seen (at least for now) at Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris. This park is also undergoing a similar transition as Disney's Hollywood Studios so whose to say how long it will still be there.