Disneyland Railroad Tomorrowland to Main Street USA

Today lets take a journey on the grand finale of the Disneyland Railroad, the stretch between Tomorrowland and Main Street USA.

Now the way the park is designed you are traveling backstage for this entire portion, but instead you are transported through two dioramas 

Grand Canyon Diorama Disneyland

First, you enter the Grand Canyon encountering static figures of various animals of the desert. Then you pass through a thunderstorm before leaving the Grand Canyon behind.

Primeval World Diorama Disneyland

Then you enter the Primeval World. This diorama has an extensive history even beyond Disneyland, touching the 1964 World's Fair and Epcot Center at Disney World.

Pterodactyl Animatronic Disneyland

The animatronics for this were originally from Ford's Magic Skyway, the only ride Disney made for the fair that was never moved to another Disney Park. But the dinosaur animatronics were saved and incorporated into this section of the railroad.

Triceratops Disneyland Railroad Diorama

It would later serve as the inspiration for the dinosaur sections Universe of Energy at Epcot which it has now outlived.

Disneyland Railroad Primeval World Diorama

You can still enjoy this part of Disneyland history to this day, and it was even updated as a part of the refurbishments of the Disneyland Railroad in preparation for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Disneyland Railroad T Rex Stegosaurus

You can even enjoy this wonderful (pre)historically inaccurately scene of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fighting a Stegasaurus as your grand finale.

Then you enter the turn of the century America at the front of the park.