Wicked In Person Lottery

Wicked Set Broadway

Wicked is one of the most popular musicals on Broadway. Taking a different look at the witches of Oz it has become a smash hit despite mixed reviews and few Tony wins. It can be difficult to get tickets even after it has run for a decade.

Luckily there is a lottery you can go to win tickets to the show.

This lottery is a dying breed, an in-person lottery. It is held two hours before the show, with entries being held a half-hour beforehand. This is an easier lottery to win because it takes place in person so only a limited number of people win. This is by no means a guarantee but it is definitely a better bet than any of the online lotteries.

Wicked Playbill

If you win you can purchase up to two tickets which cost $30 each.

If you don't win there is a chance discounted tickets may be offered to you at more quiet times of the year.