Mad Tea Party Disneyland

Mad Tea Party

Disneyland treasures its opening day attractions more than maybe any other park in the world. If they have made it this long there is a very good chance they will be around for a good while longer at the park even if they have been removed elsewhere.

This has led to some rides even being moved to allow the park to expand and evolve as attendance increases over the years.

One of these was the Mad Tea Party. This ride started out in the center of Fantasyland near where the carousel is. The problem was as more people started to go to the park Fantasyland became too tightly arranged and the paths needed to be widened.

The solution to this was to move King Arthur's Carousel to about where the Mad Tea Party had been and move the Mad Tea Party next to the Alice In Wonderland ride making a kind of wonderland mini area inside Fantasyland.

It is still the same ride that opened with the park, it didn't become bigger like Dumbo but is definitely more detailed now. It is now themed around the unbirthday party from the movie as opposed to a carnival, which makes it look much better all around, especially at night.