Dreamfinder's Ship Disney Photo of the Week

Dreamfinder Ship Mouse Gear

For this Disney Photo of the Week, we look at a little piece of Disney history hidden in a corner of Disney World.

Epcot has seen a lot of changes. Almost nothing in Future World remains from opening day and even the more popular rides have been removed. Even one of the parks original unofficial mascots Dreamfinder is no longer at the park.

If you miss him then maybe you ought to visit his ship in Mouse Gear.

One of his ships from the original Journey Into Imagination is hidden up above you, minus the Figment and Dreamfinder animatronics.

Mouse Gear features a factory like aesthetic and so his ship fits right in amongst the decor.

It is one of few tributes to the classic ride left in the park and is definitely something to look for on your next trip if you are a fan of the original ride or Epcot Center in general.