Big Hero 6 Disney Photo of the Week

Baymax Hiro Characters Epcot Big Hero 6

This week as changes happen at Epcot we look at a former character from the Epcot Character Spot in Future World in this Disney Photo of the Week.

When Big Hero 6 opened a character meet and greet opened up at Disney World to promote the movie. That same meet and greet remains today, but only has one of the two characters that it premiered with.

Originally Hiro and Baymax met guests in his workshop at Epcot. Hiro was even a face character, the only one in all of Future World.

But as happens with so many things in Epcot the budget cuts came around and Hiro did not make the cut. 

Now Baymax remains but Hiro has been kicked out of his own workshop and is unlikely to ever return.