Roger Rabbit Disney Photo of the Week

For this Disney Photo of the Week, we look at remnants of a former Disney's MGM Studios attraction masquerading as a former shop at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

When MGM opened it featured a walk through attraction themed to the warehouse from the conclusion of Who Framed Roger Rabbit featuring props from the film and areas to take photos with cutouts of characters from the film.

This was supposed to be expanded upon to become a full Roger Rabbit land, but it was canceled after the fallout between Steven Spielberg and Michael Eisner. After this, the references to this film that jumpstarted the Disney Renaissance slowly started being removed from the parks worldwide.

This attraction became a gift shop, but beyond the specific characters, almost all of the props remained.

Overhead you could still see the ton of bricks, the oversized magnet among many other props referencing the film.

These would remain until the entire area was flattened to become a part of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, or may be part of the empty hole between the land and the rest of the park (look it up on Google Earth).