Phantom of the Opera Standing Room

Phantom of the Opera Standing Room

Phantom of the Opera Broadway NYC

Even after 30 years, Phantom of the Opera remains one of the biggest Broadway shows known in pop culture. Ticket sales have not necessarily kept up and now there are options on getting tickets to the show even on the same day as a performance.

Like, what if you want to see Phantom of the Opera today but lost the lottery?

Try Phantom of the Opera Standing Room tickets.

Technically the policy is only to release them when the show is sold out, which almost never happens, but they have been known to still sell them anyways if the theater is getting close to full.

You are given a spot along a railing at the back of the orchestra to watch the show from.

These tickets cost $27 and are sold at the box office in person. They are not sold every day, but when they are on sale you can often get them up until the show is about to start.

This is a good last-minute attempt at getting tickets to a show but it should by no means be your first choice in how to get tickets to a show, but if you missed Rush tickets this can be a way to keep from not seeing anything.

The box office opens at 10am every day except Sunday when they open at noon.