Dapper Dans Bye Bye Blues

Dapper Dans Bye Bye Blues

The Dapper Dans have been a part of Main Street USA at both US Disney Parks for decades, bringing classical music to the park in the barbershop quartet style they are known for. They really help transport you to the turn of the century time Main Street USA takes place in.

One of the main reasons for this is when they perform classic songs a real barbershop quartet would sing.

Sure hearing Disney songs performed in their style is fun and a great part of their set, it's not what ties them to Main Street USA. That is when they perform songs like Bye Bye Blues. These songs bring the group back to what they were intended to be, a quartet singing group from the early 20th century.

They are a unique and special part of any Disney trip and one of the most intimate performances you will find at their respective resorts. No theater, no seats, just four singers and a mostly impromptu audience.