Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disneyland

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disneyland's Frontierland has become a lot smaller in recent years. It lost Big Thunder Ranch and a significant portion of the Rivers of America for construction of a land based on the final frontier, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Luckily we still have the headliner attraction of the land to enjoy.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the four mountains of Disneyland. It takes place in the abandoned mining town of Rainbow Ridge which used to be a gold mining town until the mining cars started running by themselves.

The town of Rainbow Ridge is a remnant of the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland that was incorporated into the coaster.

Big Thunder recently received a track replacement which makes it much smoother than its Magic Kingdom counterpart and an explosive upgrade to the final lift hill that Disney World has thus far been left without.

This ride like the Matterhorn ends with a splashdown. It is also the second fastest mountain at the park, behind only Splash Mountain.

Big Thunder Splashdown Disneyland

The ride is known for its tight turns and quick hills. It features an in-depth storyline that has been expanded in comics and was supposedly intertwined with the canceled Discovery Bay expansion and the character Jason Chandler.

This version differs from every other version of the ride in that it was based on Bryce Canyon instead of Monument Valley. It is also the smallest version and the only one with an outdoor station and queue.

If you dare, take a go on the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!