Universal's Fantastic Worlds Concept Art and Name Leaked

Universal's Fantastic Worlds Concept Art and Name Leaked

It Appears we finally have a name for the rumored (but who are we kidding at this point) new park for Universal Orlando.

This concept art appears to reveal four major things about the new park.


This might seem obvious but we finally have a name to call this park Universal's Fantastic Worlds. This may mean they are not going with the rumored animation theme but it is generic enough that it still could be incorporated.

First Confirmed Land

Kidzone lives to fight another day as apparently Super Nintendo World will be a part of the new park instead. This had been the rumor for a while and I can't say I blame them. This gives them way more room then Kidzone. E.T. is still popular enough but the rest of the land really could use a replacement, but it won't be this.


The logo is also a part of this concept image. It appears to fit in well with the other three parks.

Concept Stage

At this point, plans are not finalized as proved by the picture. Take this all with a grain of salt but at least we know the direction the plan is going in.

Universal's Fantastic Worlds Leaked concept art