Mean Girls Lottery

Mean Girls Lottery

Mean Girls Broadway Theatre

Mean Girls since it opened has been one of the top tickets on Broadway. A great score and cast combined with a very popular movie to back it up, this quickly became a hit.

As such, tickets are difficult to get and can be quite expensive.

Luckily they offer a lottery for tickets to shows the next day.

This is different from other Broadway Lotteries in that they actually tell you the day before if you won your tickets. This can be useful if you are not close to New York City.

Obviously with the popularity of this show makes the odds of winning smaller than some of the other lotteries, but probably not as bad as Hamilton's.

Tickets can be anywhere in the theatre.

Tickets are $42.50 each.

You can win a maximum of 2 tickets per winner.

You are told if you won the day before the show at 12 PM.

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