Disney Attractions Lost in 2018

Disney Attractions Lost in 2018

As 2018 comes to a close let's look at all the Disney rides we lost in the past year.

A classic scene of Pirates of the Caribbean was removed from all but one version of the ride. The bride auction was changed to add the first female pirate to the ride, reimagining the character as Redd, a pirate running an auction for stolen goods.

Paradise Pier

California Adventure had a rough year, losing two different lands. The first one was an opening day land Paradise Pier. With it closed California Screamin, a coaster themed to the glory days of seaside piers.

Hook and Ladder Co.

Disneyland also ended a daily performance group by ending the Hook and Ladder Co. This was a band that performed at the Disneyland Firehouse. Often they were joined by Disney characters from Chip and Dale to Cruella De Vil.

Rivers of Light Shamen

The night show at Animal Kingdom, Rivers of Light saw its first major update in the removal of the Shamen from the show. This removed the live actors that really gave the show something special without replacing them with anything.

Space Mountain Speed Ramp

This year also saw the removal of the Speed Ramp from the exit of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. The moving walkway was removed along with the last scene. This video was taken in the final weeks the original version of the post-show was open.

A Bug's Land

The last closure of 2018 was the first Pixar themed land in any Disney Park. A Bug's Land closed in two stages throughout the year to make way for a future Marvel-themed land. One ride, Flik's Flyers will live on in Pixar Pier as an Inside Out ride.