Mickey's Philharmagic extended queue

Fantasyland is normally the land of elaborate dark rides and classic characters.

But then there's Philharmagic.

This show is a 3D film featuring Donald Duck traveling through classic Disney films like Aladdin and the Lion King.

You first enter the lobby of a theater, showing posters for Disney themed concerts.

Then you go to the theater doors where you grab your "opera glasses" and enter the theater.

There Donald steals Mickey's hat and chaos ensues.

This is a fun show, but it is a bit outdated. The 3D is the most noticeable thing, but it could also use an update with more modern movies. Maybe even a randomized series of movie scenes like Star Tours to make it more interesting.

Overall though this is a fun way to get a lot of movies included in Fantasyland in a small space, and its obviously very popular as it is in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, and in Discoveryland for some reason in Disneyland Paris.