Navi River Journey

Navi River Journey
Animal Kingdom

One of the most common Disney rides is an indoor boat ride. Many classic rides use this same system to transport riders to another place or time. Whether it's to a tropical island on Pirates of the Caribbean, a cartoon message of world peace on It's a Small World, a concert in Mexico on Gran Fiesta Tour, or a greenhouse on Living with the Land, this is a concept is a staple of the Disney parks.

When Pandora, World of Avatar opened, it was a big deal that a new indoor boat ride would be opening. The Animal Kingdom had never had one before and Disney World, in general, had not had a new one (Unless you count Gran Fiesta Tour overlay) in decades.

Navi River Journey takes you into the world of a nighttime Pandora, introducing you to many of the native wildlife along with a Navi Shaman.

As you ride along the river you see giant frog-like creatures above you jumping on suspended lipids and you may even spot a Navi or two hidden amongst the trees.

There are no drops in this ride. No thrills, dialog or story.

The main draw of this attraction is the Navi Shaman, who is the most advanced audio-animatronic ever put in a Disney ride. It is stunning and if you did not know any better you would think it was a person based on how fluent it's movements are.