Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion

Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion Entrance

The Magic Kingdom opened with one of the last rides Walt Disney worked on for Disneyland, but it was very different than the version at the original park.

The entrance was completely different, being set in a different time period. New Orleans Square was not added to the Magic Kingdom, but unlike Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion was popular enough to still make it into the new park on opening day.

Since then this ride has grown to be one of the most popular at Disney World, with it and the original version inspiring a movie and countless fan theories.

This ride has a cult following matched by almost no other rides.

The Magic Kingdom version of the ride was different than it's Disneyland elder sibling in many different ways.

Parts that were in the queue and exit were a part of the actual ride.

The Magic Kingdom version also now features a staircase scene that is not found in the original mansion, replacing the original cobwebs scene.

However, this mansion has not gotten the Hatbox Ghost yet.

It also features CGI hitchhiking ghosts at the end, replacing the original effect featuring the characters. It was not received well and was not added to either of the two other versions of the mansion.

Finally, this version of the Haunted Mansion also features an interactive queue that no other version has.

Overall it still features all of the classic scenes, from the stretching room to the ballroom to the graveyard, and the same song that has become a park classic.