Broadway in the Disney Parks

Broadway in the Disney Parks

Main Street USA train station at Disneyland with Mickey flowers

Broadway served as an inspiration for much of the Disney Parks and has found its place in many of them around the world. We will take a look at where it currently remains in the Disney parks to this day.

Crystal Arcade Disneyland Main Street USA at night

The music in this land is almost exclusively from Broadway shows in every version worldwide. From Hello Dolly, songs like Put On Your Sunday Clothes, Before the Parade Passes By and Elegance are part of the music loop. From The Music Man, the song Wells Fargo Wagon is played. Other songs have been added to the loop over the years but it remains deeply rooted in Broadway.

The most obvious use of Broadway songs on Main Street USA in any park is the Trolley Show from Magic Kingdom. One of the songs included in the Trolley Kids set is the Hello Dolly tune Put On Your Sunday Clothes.

Buena Vista Street

For some reason, Disney loves to use Broadway songs in Trolley Shows. This one is partly based on the Disney film Newsies, better known today by its recent theatrical adaptation. It includes a song from that film/show Seize the day. It also includes other songs from classic movie musicals that have found their way to Broadway like Make Em Laugh from Singin' in the Rain.

Anything Goes

Disney rarely has overlap in their background tracks, but this is an exception. Used in both the New Orleans Square and Hollywoodland background loop is the classic song Anything Goes. Fitting with the jazz style of music in New Orleans and a classic film song for Hollywoodland, this is a fun tribute to a classic musical in two lands at the Disneyland Resort.

Overview of Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

This is one you wouldn't really expect. How can Broadway be in a land about Pixar Films? But if you listen to the music loops there are two Broadway shows featured throughout the sections of Pixar Pier.

Guys and Dolls from Guys and Dolls can be heard as part of the background loop of the area surrounding the Incredicoaster.

Throughout the rest of the land, you might hear the film version of Put On Your Sunday Clothes as it is heard in the Pixar film WALLE.

Shanghai Disneyland

This is not technically in the park, but its close enough that I'm going to count it. In the shopping district adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland is a theater which features Disney Broadway shows presented in their entirety for an additional cost.

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