Broadway Flea Market

Broadway Flea Market

Times square ads for Broadway musicals including Chicago and Something Rotten

Once a year, Broadway has a flea market. It happens on the third Saturday of September and most, if not all Broadway shows currently or recently running participate.

All proceeds go to charity.

Here is a brief video overview of the 2018 Flea Market

We'll go over the three main things that happen at the flea market to help you plan your trip.

The Tables

This is by far the largest and most popular attraction at the flea market. Tables are put up by current Broadway shows and other significant theatrical organizations.

Things you can purchase vary greatly from table to table. Most will have a collection of Playbills for sale, either from the show the table is for, or a ton of random Playbills from closed shows. Some will be signed. Other tables will have props for sale. In the past, some of the props sold were the paper airplanes from Matilda and sheet music and notes from Phantom of the Opera. In fact, these can be extremely cheap. I got three notes from Phantom of the Opera for less than $10.

Wander around and look at every table, the selection varies so greatly from year to year that you never know what you can find.

Autograph Table

A group of 50+ Broadway actors, actresses, and more meet in different sessions throughout the day for a price. Line up early for this as it does fill up.


This is for the big-ticket items that go for thousands of dollars. This holds the most memorable items, often including costumes and props used by original casts of Broadway hits. If you intend on trying for one of these items, be prepared to spend a lot.