What is Broadway Rush?

What is Broadway Rush

Times Square from above

Broadway can be expensive. With popularity increasing every year and more hits breaking boundaries from traditional theatergoers to mainstream culture it can be difficult to be able to see a show.

Broadway shows, however, have made an effort to make sure people of all incomes can make it to the theater. One of these ways is with Rush tickets.

What are Rush tickets? To answer that we have to go back to the 1990s.

Rent had opened on Broadway and was a massive hit, something that was almost unheard of for a Broadway show in that time. Tickets sold out constantly.

The problem? Rent was about people of lower incomes in New York City, the exact people who could now not see it due to the high ticket prices.

The show came up with a solution. Every day the first group of people at the box office could buy tickets for an extremely discounted rate, allowing anyone the opportunity to see the show. Rentheads (As they are called) would line up in mass numbers and hours in advance to get these few cheap tickets. This was the beginning of Rush tickets.

Many other shows since then have used this as a way to help people get to the theater and hopefully build their love of the art form.

There are some different kinds of Rush that have developed over the years, but they mainly fall into two categories

Student Rush

For this, you will need a valid, current student ID in order to purchase tickets

General Rush

Anyone can purchase tickets as long as they get to the box office early enough.

Be sure you know the specific policies for the show you are seeing because they are not the same and could disqualify you from the tickets even if you think you can get them.