Lion King Lottery Broadway

Lion King Lottery

The Lion King is Disney's smash Broadway hit. It has been open over a decade and has earned more than any Broadway show in history, still selling tickets for hundreds of dollars. It can be difficult to see this hit due to the price of tickets.

But there is a way to get cheap same-day tickets for this show.

You can enter this lottery from when the previous day's last show begins to 9AM on the day of the performance. You will then be notified if you have won the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Tickets are $30 each and you can win a maximum of two tickets per person. Once you have purchased the tickets you have to pick them up an hour and a half before showtime at the theater.

You must have a government ID when you pick up the tickets with the same name you used to enter the lottery.

This is a lottery so do not think you will definitely win tickets, but it is an opportunity to see one of the most successful shows of all time.

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