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Chicago Rush

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Chicago is the longest-running American musical in Broadway history and is still going strong. It has been easier to get tickets, but Chicago has a history of adding celebrities to their show which temporarily skyrockets both price and demand. Everyone from Spice Girls to TV stars to former NFL players has stepped into this show for a limited run. There is a way to get cheap tickets to this show day of.

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Chicago has a Rush policy. What this means is that when the box office opens in the morning the first 25 tickets they sell for that day's performance will sell for $39. Each person can buy a maximum of 2 tickets.

This is not offered for Saturday evening performances but otherwise is offered for every other performance.

But be warned! They reserve the right to cancel the rush at any time without prior notice. This is not done often, maybe one or two weeks a year, but be aware it can happen. I have myself experienced it being canceled during the week between Christmas and New Years and have heard of it being canceled during some of the more famous celebrity runs.

This is by no means a guarantee of cheap tickets, but it is a more concrete way to get same day cheap tickets than lotteries.

If you decide to do this Rush, be sure you know what time the box office opens and line up about two hours prior to it. If you are visiting on a weekday or without a celebrity in the show you could probably show up later and still get Rush tickets. You should be able to tell based on the size of the line.

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