Main Street USA: Disneyland Thematic Guide

Main Street USA
Disneyland Guide

The Crystal Arcade on Main Street USA at Disneyland at Night

Small Details

There are a lot of Main Street Vehicles. They are everywhere.

The Theater Town Square holds a show important in Disney history, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. If you care about Disney history this is for you.

Windows: All dedicated to famous Disney Employees of years past


Disneyland Railroad

This is in many lands but it starts here so I'm including it. I can't stress this enough. This is a MUST DO attraction. This is not the Magic Kingdom where it merely transports you around the park. This is an attraction with significant waits. Some highlights of the trip include:
  • Mardi Gras display in New Orleans Square
  • Rivers of America section past killer beaver
    • These are full scenes as a part of the Tomorrowland-Main Street section and is unmissable! If you do no other section of the railroad, ride between Tomorrowland and Main Street USA
    • There are two dioramas, Grand Canyon and Primeval World
      • Grand Canyon is a western trip through the desert past Mountain Lions and through a thunderstorm
      • Primeval World is a trip back to the time of the dinosaurs. If you have ridden Universe of Energy you may recognize some scenes that were based on this diorama.


Plaza Inn

This restaurant is by far the best on Main Street for both meals it offers, but we will review them separately.


If you are looking for a character meal at Disneyland, go here. It has more characters than I have ever seen in any character meal, 8 at one time! For food, it has your standard buffet, but with some more adventurous options than at most Disney buffets. But never fear, they have Mickey Waffles. I have eaten here twice, and the characters I have seen are...
  • Minnie (Guaranteed) 
  • Rafiki
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Piglet
  • Eyore
  • Tigger
  • Rabbit (Rare)
  • Captain Hook
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Max Goof
  • Suzy (Rare)
  • Perla (Rare)
  • Geppetto (Rare)
Lunch/ Dinner

This meal is amazing. It's not even like it's one item that's great, like at so many Disney restaurants. Everything is great, and you'll want to eat here multiple times as there are so many great options. Sharing to try multiple things is greatly encouraged. Reservations are rarely needed but can be made.

Little Red Wagon

This is a small cart just to the side of Plaza Inn and serves Corn Dogs exclusively. These are quite possibly the BEST Corn Dogs anywhere, and I would recommend this above almost all other snacks offered at Disneyland.


This is why Main Street USA exists at any Disney park. 

The Emporium is the best place to pick up your classic Disney plush and t-shirts galore. 

The Confectionary is where you should go for specialized Disney food and sweets. During the holidays this is where you pick up Disneyland candy canes, a much sought after item that sells out in minutes.

Mad Hatter is where to go for Mickey hats and embroidery of those hats.

Starbucks is where to go for the custom Disneyland Starbucks mugs that change every few months.