Halloween World of Color?

Halloween World of Color

The controversy surrounding James Gunn has engulfed both Disney news sites as well as the national news. His tweets lead to his firing by Disney, however many of the cast members of his hit series, Guardians of the Galaxy have put their support behind him.

But on July 22nd a new piece of info slipped out about a secret project Disney is working on. Bobcat Goldthwait in support of James Gunn, leaked that a new villain themed World of Color was being worked on and that he recorded dialog for it as his character Pain from Hercules.

The show, apparently titled World of Color Villainous apparently features Pain and James Woods voiced Hades from Hercules. This was mentioned to point out some of the past controversial tweets in James Woods' past, yet he is still being paid by Disney.

In any case, this news partially confirms years of rumors of a Halloween version of World of Color and furthers Disney moving more and more of the Halloween celebrations to California Adventure in anticipation of Star Wars Land.