Ghost Town Alive

Ghost Town Alive
Knott's Berry Farm

One of Knott's Berry Farm's most popular events is the annual summer Ghost Town Alive. For this, Ghost Town becomes the center of a massive interactive theatrical performance that plays out over the summer and is different each year.

The first two years the story was surrounding a gang that is terrorizing the town, and there will be some crime, a robbery of a location in the town, and you get to be the jury of this crime. 

There are many opportunities to get involved in the story throughout the day, voting in elections and juries being just one of them. There are multiple minigames that can add to the story if you complete them. You can play cards with the sheriff or help the hotel director place their guests.

Action scenes also surround this event. Multiple fights and duels will happen throughout the day which can be really fun if you happen upon them. That is the best part of this event, you can just wander throughout the land and happen upon a major event. It has repeatability because there is no way for you to see everything in one day.