Staying Offsite at Disneyland

Staying Offsite at Disneyland

California Adventure World of Color

As someone who spent their childhood going exclusively to Disney World, the thought of staying offsite is a horrifying reality. Hotels in Orlando beyond Disney are notoriously spotty in their quality. I've only stayed offsite at Disney World twice and they were both horrible experiences. When planning a first trip to Disneyland there are a few important things to know.


Turtle Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland

This is not Orlando. The hotels are clean and often just as nice as ones you would find at Disney World. There is some risk of course but it is much safer staying offsite at Disneyland than Disney World. I have not had a bad experience yet.


Paradise Pier Disney Entrance Night

Disneyland does not have value hotels. There is no All Stars, no Pop Century, No Art of Animation. Two of the hotels are Deluxe, (Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian) and one of them is an expensive Moderate (Paradise Pier).

If you want the value price you need to stay offsite. This does not mean the hotels are bad. They are often just smaller and with fewer amenities.

They Are Closer

Mickey's Toontown Disneyland Mickey House

This may sound insane, but yes these hotels are often closer to the Disney Parks than the Disney Hotels. To get to the parks from the Disney Hotels requires you to walk through Downtown Disney or take a monorail to reach the parks (Except the Grand Californian which has a private entrance to California Adventure). To get to the parks from offsite hotels on Harbor Blvd all you have to do is cross the street and go through security. The furthest hotels are a 10-minute walk.

Anaheim Gardenwalk

Exit Peter Pan's Flight Disneyland

It's like Downtown Disney, but cheaper!

In all seriousness, this is the place where Downtown Disney shops get a second life. The House of Blues moved here and soon the Disney AMC will move here as well. This is also home to a LOT of chain restaurants, like the Cheesecake Factory and Johnny Rockets. It is walking distance from most offsite hotels and if you are looking for a mall, go here.

Final Details

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  • If you stay offsite, expect All-Star level quality. Some may be better, but in my experience, none are worse.
  • BEWARE OF CAPTAIN KIDD!!!!! Do NOT eat here! Yes, it is cheap and right outside the parks. IT IS INEDIBLE. If you want cheap food go to IHOP or Panera (Breakfast here through Best Western is ok as its run by a different company)
  • Great (Non-Chain) Restaurants
    • Mimi's Cafe: A great cafe style restaurant especially for breakfast. I would recommend picking up croissants here. They sell them to go and they make a great in park snack
    • Pizza Press: A great pizza place across the street from Disneyland. They make individual personalized pizzas