Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is probably best described as an accidental theme park. And it's all thanks to this ride.

The studio tour became so popular other rides opened up surrounding it and became the park we know today.

Inside the tour are several mini-rides in-between visiting sections of the actual studio.


This is the same ride as the former Disaster/ Earthquake at Universal Orlando. It also shows how this scene had been used in other TV shows since Earthquake such as in an episode of Criminal Minds. It may have closed in Orlando, but it is still an active part of the studio tour at Universal Hollywood and probably will be for the foreseeable future.


In this section of the tour, you get to live out classic scenes from the Jaws franchise. As you pass through the town of Amity you and a scuba diver are attacked multiple times by the shark. This was also a ride in Universal Orlando until it was removed for Diagon Alley. It is much shorter than the Orlando version and is really just a couple of the best scenes from that version.

Flash Flood

This is a classic "How the movies are made" scene that there are not many of left on the tour, showing a simulated thunderstorm and flash flood throughout a small town. You might get a little water on you if you are on the edge, but you won't get soaked.