it's a small world Clock Parade

it's a small world Clock Parade

it's a small world is one of the most classic Disney attractions. It's featured in every resort worldwide except Shanghai Disneyland and is considered to have created the most played song in human history as either a gift or curse on humanity.

The Disneyland facade is especially special. For one it is covered in real gold due to Walt Disney's insistence on accuracy.

Another thing is the show that happens in front of the ride all day, every day.

One of the things that makes this ride special is the Clock Parade. This is a special show that happens every 15 minutes in front of the attraction. During it, the main tower opens up to reveal the time and many dolls in the style of the attraction.

It has been copied slightly different around the world but this is the original version, and even has a specific area dedicated to watching it.

It was even featured in a World of Color Celebrate scene.

Originally Published: 3/8/18

Last Updated: 11/7/18