Disneyland Vs. Disney World: Fantasyland

Fantasyland is the classic Disney land, and what most people think of when they think of a Disney park. But all Fantasyland's are not created equal. In this article, we will compare the two US Fantasylands in 3 categories: Restaurants, Rides, and Shows


There was a lack of restaurants at both, until New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.
First, we will compare the two most similar restaurants.

Village Haus Vs. Red Rose Tavern

Pinocchio village haus magic kingdom

These were both the same restaurant until Disneyland's received a Beauty and the Beast Makeover. While it is nowhere on the same level as Be Our Guest, it is a significant improvement on Village Haus, including the best dessert, GREY STUFF. The only thing Village Haus has on Red Rose Tavern is the view into it's a small world.

Winner: Red Rose Tavern

Overall, however, Disney World has one main advantage over Disneyland: Be Our Guest. This restaurant is so immersive and well themed it alone defeats everything it could possibly be compared with.

Overall Winner: Disney World


Both lands have one major show in their lands, one being a screen based show with the other being a live show.

Both of these shows follow a Fab 5 character through a journey involving magical elements from the Sorcerers Apprentice traveling between multiple Disney musical scenes. In Philharmagic it is Donald with the hat. With Mickey and the Magical Map, it is Mickey with a magic paintbrush while being taught by Yen Sid. The main difference? Mickey and the Magical Map involves live performers and characters combined with screens, whereas Philharmagic is all screens except one animatronic at the end.

Winner: Disneyland


Sign Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We will try to compare similar rides as much as possible here, with the two roller coasters Matterhorn and Seven Dwarfs being compared, Mr. Toad with Winnie the Pooh, and so on. We also will not be including Storybook Circus in this, as it is still too similar to Toontown.  We will also not compare carousels as they are too similar.

Winnie the Pooh Vs. Mr. Toad

I want to make perfectly clear that I am comparing Disney World Winnie the Pooh ride to the Disneyland Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Mr. Toad at Disneyland is probably the least complex dark ride at any Disney park worldwide. While it still provides a fun experience, the immersive Winnie the Pooh at the Magic Kingdom combined with its interactive queue makes this a landslide.

Winner: Winnie the Pooh (Magic Kingdom)

Peter Pan's Flight DL Vs. Peter Pan's Flight WDW

peter pan's flight fantasyland disneyland

Both of these rides are similar in the actual ride experience. Disneyland has a more immersive facade with a clock tower as opposed to the tent like the facade of Magic Kingdom, but Magic Kingdom has an interactive queue. The Magic Kingdom has one clear advantage, the actual ride system. It loads many more people than the slow loading Disneyland original.

Winner: Magic Kingdom

it's a small world vs. it's a small world

The actual rides for both of these are nearly identical. The one main thing separating the actual rides is the Disneyland version features Disney characters. Disneyland, however, has a much better queue, surrounded by animal topiaries and the facade covered in actual gold. You also enter the ride outside and enter the facade on the boat. This is also the original 1964 world's fair version, so there is also a historical aspect of this version of the attraction to further put it over the edge.

Winner: Disneyland

Little Mermaid vs. Snow White/ Pinocchio

I combined the two attractions at Disneyland as they have no Disney World equivalent and Little Mermaid is longer than both combined. Snow White's Scary Adventure is a classic Walt era dark ride. Pinocchio is a bit more modern while still maintaining the charm of the original dark rides. It also features something unique when compared to other Fantasyland attractions, a curse word. The Little Mermaid is longer than both combined, allowing a more in-depth retelling of the movie along with more modern effects, but this ride has been critiqued since it opened in its two major flaws, unrealistic animatronics, and obviously visible lights. While both issues have been improved, it still has cannot live up to the originals.

Winner: Disneyland

Matterhorn/ Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

disneyland matterhorn submarine lagoon

These rides are very different. The Matterhorn is the first steel roller coaster ever built whereas Seven Dwarfs is a modern technologically advanced ride.

This however is not to say that the Matterhorn has not kept up with the times. They recently added new animatronics of the abominable snowman (Harold). It is also really two completely different coasters in the same mountain. Seven Dwarfs has some of the most advanced animatronics at any Disney park, but only in one scene, albeit an amazing one. 

Winner: Disneyland

One simple reason, two tracks combined.

Alice vs Alice

Mad Tea Party ride night

Both contain an identical attraction, Mad Tea Party, but Disneyland once again has a major advantage, an Alice in Wonderland dark ride right next to it.

Winner: Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night

Overall Winner: Disneyland


After all of this it should still be close. Magic Kingdom has better restaurants but Disneyland has better shows. None of the rides at one park are that far ahead of the other. There are two things we have not talked about, two things that if you have only been to Magic Kingdom you may not even know exists. 

Storybookland flowers disneyland

Storybook Canal and Casey Jr.

toad hall storybookland

For anyone who does not know both of these take you through a section called Storybookland, where you see miniature versions of famous Disney locations, from Toad Hall to the most recent addition, Frozen. 

Arendell in storybookland

These combined with everything else puts Disneyland as the superior Fantasyland